Online Tamil Courses For Adults

We offer private One-to-One classes and private small group classes for Adults

Learn to read and write Tamil

For learners who already speak Tamil and want to learn to read and write it, Level K1 and Level K2 courses are available.

Level K1

Learn Simple Tamil Reading & Writing - An introduction to Tamil Alphabets using an easy shape-based method.

Level K2

Learn Simple Functional Tamil - Foundational course to study and progress in Tamil learning next levels.

Learn to speak Tamil

The Level S1 and Level S2 courses are for learners who merely want to learn how to speak Tamil.

Level S1

Learn Simple Spoken Tamil - A brief introduction to simple conversation in Tamil with easy phrases.

Level S2

Learn Advanced Spoken Tamil - An introduction to advanced concepts in conversation in Tamil.

Course Features

Quality Content

90+ Topics Covered


In Periodic Intervals

Course Certificate

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Course Levels

Beginner to Advanced

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