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Popular Kaniyan Tamil Courses

All our Tamil courses are designed to meet the world language standards – ACTFL and CEFR.

Level K1

Learn Simple Tamil Reading & Writing - An introduction to Tamil Alphabets using an easy shape-based method.

Level K2

Learn Simple Functional Tamil - Foundational course to study and progress in Tamil learning next levels.

Level S1

Learn Simple Spoken Tamil - A brief introduction to simple conversation in Tamil with easy phrases.

Level S2

Learn Advanced Spoken Tamil - An introduction to advanced concepts in conversation in Tamil.

Bring Your Own Tamil Books

Bring your own Tamil books from any of the syllabi listed below. Our teachers will incorporate them into your curriculum.

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High Schoolers, Be in a position to receive World Language Credits for learning Tamil (USA)

Kaniyan offers Tamil courses to help the students pass the exams and earn world language credits.

High School Credit Program for Tamil Language
Kaniyan Tamil Academy -Learn Tamil Online
Kaniyan Tamil Academy - Learn Tamil Online

The interpretive mode describes how the learners make sense of language when they hear, read, or view it in many ways (e.g., voicemail, podcasts, lyrics, television, stories, books, public announcements, etc.).

The interpersonal mode describes how the learners engage in direct oral, written and signed communications with others (e.g. face-to-face meetings, online discussions, video conferencing, emails, text messages, etc.).

The presentational mode describes how the learners speak, write or sign to a variety of audiences (e.g. leaving a voice message, making a presentation, giving directions to a group, delivering a speech, etc.). 

What Our Students Say

I really enjoyed the course. It's never boring and you get any help you need from the teacher. It is clear that they have extensive experience in teaching Tamil.
Level K2 - Student
From NJ, USA
A superb platform and service for Tamil education. Great virtual classroom with a talented teacher who prepares excellent and impactful lessons.
Level K3 - Student
From CA, USA

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